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02:37 PM FISH-quant Revision 37: Add the operation Gaussian Filter
02:36 PM FISH-quant Revision 36: fake
02:32 PM FISH-quant Revision 35: test OM


11:03 AM accounting Feature #819 (Closed): modif
Bonjour Volker,
On a avancé sur une procédure d'installation du comptage pour une autre plateforme.
Pour le momen...


02:44 PM WIDE Bug #801 (New): Multiple "download as zip" leads to Denial of Service.
If i try to download several folders ( 6+ on tghe test server... ) as zip, it leads to a denial of service ( proxy_er...
02:31 PM WIDE Bug #798 (New): Impossible to correctly drag an drop an image in thumbnail mode
Select Affichage-> Taille des Miniatures -> Grandes
Then try to drag an drop an image to a folder located in the r...
02:24 PM WIDE Bug #796 (Resolved): The wait "Loading" logo is incorrect
When Wide ask us to wait by showing his "loading" logo, we could see that this logo has a useless scrollbar.
02:20 PM WIDE Bug #795 (New): Incorrect modification date for folders
The last modification date for all folders is set to January 1970.


05:08 PM WIDE Bug #606 (New): High CPU charge when opening several Viewers
When we open several image browsers simultaneously, we got an high cpu charge on the server side that must lead to a ...
04:57 PM WIDE Bug #605 (New): Very hard to select a file or a folder in the thumbnail mode
All is in the title.
Not a real bug, but this is very annoying.

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