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ImageJ-macros: BioImage Information Index (2 comments)
MRI's "Biological Image Analysis Toolsets" listed in the BioImage Information Index
Added by Volker Baecker almost 4 years ago

ImageJ-macros: MRI Artemia Tools online
The MRI Artemia Tools are now available.
Added by Volker Baecker over 5 years ago

ImageJ-macros: enhancement of the root tools
a new version of the root tools is available at http://dev.mri.cnrs.fr/projects/imagej-macros/wiki/Root_Tools
Added by Volker Baecker over 5 years ago

imagej workshop: Evaluation
The evaluation of the last ImageJ workshop is now online.
Added by Volker Baecker over 5 years ago

ImageJ-macros: Ovocyte Tool
Ovocyte Tool - a new macro toolset in the category acquisition
Added by Admin MRI over 5 years ago

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Latest projects

  • cfms-clients (10/24/2016 02:09 PM)

    The clients of the cfms system. Mainly the client that will be installed on the acquisition and analysis machines and that counts down the hours while the machine is used.

  • SftpJobs (01/14/2016 10:55 AM)

    Upload Sftp automatique

  • cfms-rest-server (08/24/2015 05:06 PM)

    The server-side implementation of the core facility management system.
    A number of rest-services used by the different clients of the CFMS.

  • cfms-third-party-tool-integration (06/27/2015 10:12 PM)

    Authentication and integration of the third party tools into the cfms for MRI.

  • cfms-overbooking-reports (06/05/2015 03:43 PM)

    A system that allows to create reports concerning the overbooking of resources.
    It reads the worked hours from cfms-accounting-system and the booked hours from
    an arbitrary reservation system, using an appropriate adapter.