BioImage Information Index

MRI's "Biological Image Analysis Toolsets" listed in the BioImage Information Index
Added by Volker Baecker over 3 years ago

The BioImage Information Index lists software packages, plate-forms, sample data and workflows for biological image analysis. It helps image analysts and biologists to find the right tools to solve a given image analysis problem. I participated in the taggathon that is part of the EuBIAS 2015. The aim of the taggathon was to kick-start the index by adding a large number of workflows. About 150 workflows have been added including a number of MRI's "Biological Image Analysis Toolsets".
You can access the BioImage Information Index here:


Added by Volker Baecker over 3 years ago

Due to a fire in the embl server room the biii site is down until next week. Luckily there is a backup of the biii data so our work has not been lost.

Added by Volker Baecker 11 months ago

The BioImage Information Index is published now. Work on the content will continue of course...