Part 2 - Macro Programming - Application Examples 1

You can install part 2 of the workshop as a macro toolset, that makes the exercises and answers available from within FIJI. Drag the link MRI Macro Workshop - part 2 (application examples 1).ijm onto the ImageJ launcher and save the toolset in the folder macros/toolsets. After restarting FIJI the toolset will become available from the ">>"-button at the right of the launcher window.

After you selected an exercise or answer from the toolset, an empty page in the macro editor will be opened and the exercise or answer will be downloaded and copied into the clipboard. Use the paste command of the editor to insert the exercise or answer into the macro editor. You can use the ctrl+v keyboard shortcut to run the paste command.

Please note that you will need the example images when working on the exercises.

You can find the same exercises in the list below.
  1. Background Correction on a Stack / answer
  2. Batch Processing all Images in a Folder
    1. Open Related Files / answer
    2. Merging two Images / answer
    3. Saving a Result Image / answer
    4. Process all Images in a Folder / answer
    5. Running a Macro in Batch-mode / answer
  3. Measure Objects on all Images in a Folder / answer
  4. Separate Nuclei by Using a Binary Watershed / answer
  5. Sort the Results by the Values in a Given Column / answer
  6. Show the Rois of Selected Measurements / answer

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