Publication using the "Arabidopsis Seedlings Tool"

The "Arabidopsis Seedlings Tool" has been used in publication published in the "International Journal of High Throughput Screening"
Added by Volker Baecker over 10 years ago

The Arabidopsis Seedlings Tool allows to measure the surface of green pixels per well in images containing multiple wells. It can be run in batch mode on a series of images. It writes a spreadsheet file with the measured area per well and saves a control image showing the green surface that has been detected per well.

This tool has been used for the system described in the publication:

Macherel D, Abdelilah BENAMAR, Pierart A, Baecker V, Avelange-Macherel M-H, Rolland A, Gaudichon S, Di Gioia L.
Simple system using natural mineral water for high-throughput phenotyping of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings in liquid culture.
International Journal of High Throughput Screening 2013 Feb;1.