Publication using the "Arabidopsis Seedlings Tool"

The "Arabidopsis Seedlings Tool" has been used in publication published in the "International Journal of High Throughput Screening"
Added by Volker Baecker about 6 years ago

The Arabidopsis Seedlings Tool allows to measure the surface of green pixels per well in images containing multiple wells. It can be run in batch mode on a series of images. It writes a spreadsheet file with the measured area per well and saves a control image showing the green surface that has been detected per well.

This tool has been used for the system described in the publication:

Macherel D, Abdelilah BENAMAR, Pierart A, Baecker V, Avelange-Macherel M-H, Rolland A, Gaudichon S, Di Gioia L.
Simple system using natural mineral water for high-throughput phenotyping of Arabidopsis thaliana seedlings in liquid culture.
International Journal of High Throughput Screening 2013 Feb;1.