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03:29 PM WIDE Bug #601: Upload emails in the wild.
always true.
03:24 PM WIDE Bug #810 (Feedback): Make a public link won't work most of the time
When we try to make a public link with a file, the popup is higly unstable. It won't do what we want it to do most of...
03:18 PM WIDE Bug #809 (Resolved): Incorrect title when we moidy a public link
If we create a public link, then we want to modify this link. The title of the modifiy popup is "Durée de validitée d...
03:09 PM WIDE Bug #807 (New): We can't share files
We can configure the sharing of a folder to a group but the share doesn't appears ont the group's side.
03:04 PM WIDE Bug #805 (New): Impossible to download "Metadata and Tif"

When we try to use the meny "Telecharger" then "Metadata and tif" it leads to :
HTTP Status 403 -
type Stat...
02:54 PM WIDE Bug #803 (New): Renaming in right pane doesn't affect left pane.
When we rename a folder in the right pane, it is not renamed in the left pane. Even if we refresh the left pane.


01:38 PM ImageJ-macros Ovocyte Tool
The tool acquires images from the live window of the camera and measures the surface of the ovocyte in the image in a...


10:13 AM accounting Bug #105 (Closed): time-difference bug
when there is a difference between the client and the server time the client sends too many withdrawals to catch up.


04:40 PM WIDE Bug #88 (Closed): File appears as it was uploaded twice.
When i request the upload of a file, it seems ok but when i verify the upload in the web interface the file appears t...
10:25 AM WIDE Bug #86 (Closed): Domain cicero stop responding after several days
after several days, domain cicero is stuck to 100% cpu and stop responding.
Here are some logs :

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