Remote-ImageJ allows to run ImageJ macros on a remote machine. The communication between distant ImageJ-plugins is based on a custom messaging middleware called “Simple Java Message Exchange” (SIJAME). The SIJAME-server listens on a socket and handles each incoming connection in a separate thread. Based on the SIJAME-middleware a Remote-Macro-Runner has been written. The Remote-Macro-Runner-Server-Console allows to start and stop the server and to view log-messages. The Modal-Dialog-Killer avoids that modal dialogs, opened by a macro or by an error in a macro, block the macro execution on the server. A local macro is run on a distant machine, with the help of the remote-macro-runner-client-application. To set input files and folders, and output folders, using a JFileChooser-dialog and a list-editor, the IOSettings-plugin is used. These settings are accessible from within the macro. The RemoteFilesystemView implements a filesystem-view as a proxy that gets its information from a remote machine.

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Developer: Volker Baecker