Lipid Droplets Tool

The Lipid Droplets Tool helps to segment lipid droplets marked with BODIPY. You can find some example images here:

Getting started

To install the tool, drag the link MRI_Lipid_Droplets_Tool.ijm to the ImageJ launcher window, save it under macros/toolsets in the ImageJ installation and restart ImageJ.

Select the "MRI_Lipid_Droplets_Tool" toolset from the >> button of the ImageJ launcher.

the lipid droplets toolset

  • the first button (the one with the image) opens this help page
  • the s button runs the segmentation on the current image


Open the options-dialog by right-clicking on the s-button:

options of the lipid droplets tool

  • min. size: objects smaller than min. size will be be considered as artefacts of the segmentation and will be removed from the result


result image of lipid droplets tool


A bandpass filter is applied to the input image by using a Gaussian filter and then scaling the image down and up again with increasing scale and taking the difference between the two low-pass filtered images. On the result an automatic threshold (percentile method) is applied. Holes in the objects are filled. An auto-threshold (triangle) is applied to the input image and the resulting mask is used to remove artefacts from the mask of the droplets image. Objects smaller then a give size are removed and a binary watershed transform is used to separate touching droplets. Objects touching the border of the image are removed.

Publications using this tool

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