Fill With Value Tool

The tool allows to fill a selected region in a 16bit image with a given value. The value is selected from the image with a special pipette tool.

Getting Started

Drag the link Fill_With_Value_Tool.ijm to the ImageJ launcher window, save it under macros/toolsets in the ImageJ installation and restart ImageJ.

Select the "Fill_With_Value_Tool" toolset from the >> button of the ImageJ launcher.

the toolset

  • *?* opens this help page
  • the pipette tool allows to select a value in the image
  • f fills the current selection with the last stored value from the pipette tool

How to use

The aim of the tool is to allow manual corrections on indexed masks that use 16bit images and more than 255 values. Use the pipette tool to pick a color. Use the standard ImageJ selection-brush-tool (or any other selection tool) to draw a selection on the region you want to modify. Press the f-button or hit f5 to fill the selection with the previously picked value.

toolset.png - the toolset (745 Bytes) Volker Baecker, 11/07/2017 02:05 PM