Central Image Database and Analysis tools.
WIDE is a software development project initiated and run by Montpellier Rio Imaging. It aims mainly at facilitating the management of the data produced by the resources of the facility, all driven by a computer (microscopes, flow cytometers and cell sorters, XR microtomograph). All acquired data can be uploaded into WIDE. They can then easily be managed on the WIDE website, using any computer that has an internet connection.
The project provides online-services, that allow researchers from public institutes or private industry to manage their data, to analyze them, to share them with a selected workgroup or community and to download them.
This tool has become indispensable to manage the dataflow and the quantities of data created by modern acquisition work stations. It is connected to a centralized file-server for which the available disk-space is adjustable.
WIDE will be made accessible first to users of the Languedoc – Roussillon Core Regional Imaging Facility (around 700 persons). They will be able to take advantage of all services of the facility, using one access with a single login and password.
WIDE will then be opened to other facilities that need to have a centralized data-management.
WIDE is an open-source project. If you want to participate, please contact:

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