OMERO Installation

Prefer this page to the official OMERO tutorials when concerning installation


There are two ways to use OMERO: the web client and the Java client.

To use the web client you just have to use a recent browser to access the address

To use the Java client, you will have to install it following these instructions. If you own a previous version of OMERO, remove it before proceeding.

Download the version corresponding to your operating system.

OMERO insight for MacOSX

OMERO insight for Windows

OMERO insight for Linux

MAC users: open the dmg file and drag into the applications folder. You may create a shortcut or alias where you wish or in the dock. IMPORTANT: depending on your security settings, the first time you open the OMERO application, you will have to open it through a right click > “open” and confirm that you want to open it. You may have to configure your security system preferences to allow apps downloaded from other developers than the Appstore.

Windows users: execute the installer


If this is the first time you run OMERO on that computer you will have to configure the server address. In the login window press the tool icon and add one server through the little ‘+’ icon. The server address must be “” (no quotes). Choose the network speed, typically ‘LAN’ within the same institution. Click ‘Apply’

Installing imageJ (FiJI) with OMERO