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03:43 PM 005_Core Facility Management System CFMS-Deploy.tar.gz
02:40 PM 005_Core Facility Management System apache-base-conf-files.tar


10:05 AM 005_Core Facility Management System Milestones #1106: Development of the CFMS
- Project has been paused from september 2017 to june 2018 due to the lack of developer
- Integration with BioCampus...
09:58 AM cfms-accounting-system Task #1127: manage groups
- Avoid circular path in group structure
09:55 AM cfms-autonomy-management Task #1136: manage competence categories
- missing unit and end-to-end tests in client and server
- must improve information display according to user feedba...
09:52 AM cfms-accounting-system Task #1137: Update of the accounting client
- some tests must be realized with MRI Net (see Olivier & raphael)
09:51 AM cfms-autonomy-management Task #1138: Manage Resources
- missing unit test in server and client
09:49 AM cfms-autonomy-management Task #1139: Manage User Competences
- missing unit tests in server and client
- need to normalize organization of autonomy proficiencies with MRI staff
09:48 AM cfms-autonomy-management Task #1140: Competence Properties
- missing unit test in server and client
09:47 AM cfms-autonomy-management Task #1141: Control competence in reservation
- Evolution in booked sources codes

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